All current members of the hunting club qualify for a free e-mail account. If you do not have an e-mailaccount, or if you want a Beaver Dam Hunting Club e-mail account, call Gene Nelson or send an e-mail a request to email@beaverdamhunting.com. The e-mail address will be in the following format:


where 'yourchoice' is what you would like your name (or handle) to be. For example:

gene@beaverdamhunting.com or gnelson@beaverdamhunting.com

The following information is required to create an eamil account:
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3.What you want your email name or handle to be (yourchoice@beaverdamhunting.com)
4. A passoword

To use the E-mail form on this web site, put in your e-mail addres for the user name (yourchoice@beaverdamhunting.com) and your password for the password, then click the Login button to access your e-mail account. You can also access your e-mail by navigating to http://webmail.beaverdamhunting.com from your web browser without having to navigate to the club site first.

To use the E-mail form on this web site, put in your user name (username@beaverdamhunting.com) for the username and your password for the password. thanks
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